6 Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Over the years, research has shown that kids and adults who have diabetes type 1 or 2 are at a higher risk of developing ADD/ADHD. It is suggested that women who develop gestational diabetes in their pregnancy and take the insulin for two or more months, risk their kids for later having ADHD & ADD. 

 It’s often seen that people who had diabetes in late teenage were more prone to Attention Deficit Disorder. The symptoms of diabetes cause the human brain to lose the executive functioning, the focus during lectures, and the willingness to take assignments that require a stimulant mental health, for example, filling up lengthy forms. 

It’s also observed that people who reportedly had diabetes have type in-active ADD, which often leaves their case undiagnosed and hence leads towards more complications. To take better care of a loved one, it’s always a good step to get him an adult ADD test if he/she has a diabetic history.

 But what can we do to relieve the complications naturally?

Aloe Vera

Yeah, the same aloe vera all skincare companies sell far and wide, is equally useful for type 2 diabetes. You shall blend the gel and mix it up with other flavors of juice, but make sure that if you’re buying the gel from the store, it must not have aloin or anthraquinone inside since both can cause diarrhea. 

Fiber & Barley

Fiber is said to decrease the sugar and insulin concentration with each dose. Dieticians often recommend eating up 30 mg of fiber each day. You can take it in the form of husk or even consume it through Vegetables. Barley has a lot of fiber and protein, which improves blood sugar, insulin level, and cholesterol. You can heat a pan and put your decided amount of barley and cook for 2 minutes as it doesn’t require deep cooking; try this remedy for continuous weeks, and you would observe relief in your diabetes!


Gymnema is a kind of herb which has been commonly used in India for many years. It helps to balance glucose and insulin in the blood. Still, it has the antioxidant tendency, which helps prevent organ damage, which is very common for diabetes since, in a diabetic blood system, there is increased production of reactive oxygen species. However, Gymnema is not recommended for people who are already under medication because it can cause low blood sugar levels. 


Cinnamon is found in almost everyone’s kitchen at hand. Kind enough, it has the glucose-lowering ability, so now you can use it for your diabetes. There had been conducted a study in which 140 people are having type 2 diabetes were given cinnamon supplements for over three months. The people were further divided into a couple of ops; one was given a 500 mg capsule and another a placebo. When the results came, there was found improved IBM, body fat, better fasting plasma glucose, insulin production, insulin resistance, etc. 


Fenugreek is a seed often used as spices, but it also has been used as a medical cure abroad and reportedly lowers cholesterol and hba1c.


Some of you might have seen nopal at a Mexican restaurant. Even if you haven’t, you can surely check these at the store since nopals lower the blood sugar. You can either mix it up with your other meals or cook them separately with eggs or a salad!

While there are a dozen more remedies to treat diabetes, always remember that you can’t cure a disease in one day and hence trust the process. The second most crucial factor in realizing is that consistency is the key!