Can Vitamin D Deficiency Be A Cause of Susceptibility to Coronavirus? Facts to Know

Contrary to the general perception, it is not possible to prevent deadly infections such as the coronavirus by boosting your immunity. Ever since the panic about the coronavirus disease broke down in the news, you would have searched online to increase your protection. People are subjected to mental stress and anxiety while being locked at home. There might be kids or adults suffering from pre-existing mental or behavioral issues like that of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or depression. Visiting hospitals for regular treatments like that of ADD treatment or regular therapies is not practiced like before due to the not-so-safe condition of hospitals. 

However, different people deal differently with the diseases. Similarly, people prefer different immunity-boosting methods. For example, some increase their overall intake of citrus fruits, while some start is having ginger and green tea. Many use yogurts as a probiotic along with various vitamin and zinc supplements. However, to date, there isn’t any scientific research to prove these theories correct. Still, some factors need to be kept in mind, including the following:

Maintain a balanced immune system

To understand this, you will need first to understand the mechanism of our immune system. The sole purpose of our immune system is to protect our bodies against various diseases and infections. It is directly related to our white blood cells, the thymus, and the lymphatic system. These white cells and organs destroy harmful bacteria and viruses that may be present in your body. 

If your immune system becomes too overactive, then this may lead to some severe autoimmune disorders. Therefore, the best way to prevent harmful infections is by maintaining a healthy functioning immune system. Although, there are certain nutrients that our bodies require to function. However, having these nutrients in more substantial quantities won’t make it work better. 

Many health experts and researchers are still researching to understand the functioning of those blood cells and internal organs that makes the immune system prevent diseases and infections. To date, researchers have not been able to figure out the complete mechanism of our immune system. 

Although a proper and well-balanced diet is extremely beneficial for maintaining a healthy mind and body, there is no specific vitamin that can boost your immunity. 

Maintain a well-balanced diet 

Therefore, the best way to prevent infections like coronavirus that gets elevated by weak immunity is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Taking care of your physical fitness is equally important. 

Similarly, cutting down the consumption of alcohol or smoking is equally important to stay fit and healthy. If you maintain a healthy diet full of proteins, nutrients, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, then you won’t need to look for any additional supplements or power foods being marketed to cure coronavirus. 

Include seafood, poultry and vitamin D rich food in the diet

To eat healthily, try to have fresh and organic produce. Eat protein-rich dishes such as baked or steamed chicken, seafood, eggs, etc. Try to have side meals that are rich in fiber, such as whole-grain bread and brown rice. 

Fruits and vegetables such as carrots, bell peppers, lemons, spinach, lettuce berries, apples, and oranges will give you adequate among vitamin A and vitamin C. Both of these vitamins aid in the proper functioning of your immune system. 

Increase intake of Vitamin D

It is equally important to have foods rich in vitamin D as its deficiency is directly linked to the susceptibility of the coronavirus infection. Vitamin D is not present in too many meals. Try having lots of fortified milk, fish, and natural supplements rich in vitamin D. Make sure to consult with your doctor first before starting any new health supplement. 

Today, there are many health supplements available online that are not approved by the FDA. Therefore, make sure to opt for those health supplements that are approved by the FDA. 

Opt for appropriate probiotics

Many probiotics are considered to be immune enhancers. Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium is deemed to be useful for treating cold. However, they are not valid for curing coronavirus. 

Nevertheless, if having vitamin C, D, or any other natural supplement energizes you, there is nothing wrong with having them. Natural supplements are not harmful as long as they are consumed in prescribed quantities.

Consult your health physician

Make sure to consult with your general physician to make sure you do not have any supplements in high doses. Try to avoid any homeopathic or herbal cures that claim to cure the coronavirus. 

Final note

The coronavirus vaccine is still under development, and it will take months for it to be readily available for the general public. Therefore, the best way to prevent coronavirus is to wear masks and keep your hands clean and sanitized.