Certainly herbal cures for asthma have long been around and are highly thought of by those who treat people using alternative and natural ways. In this article I will be taking a closer look at certain asthma herbal cures which are effective for curing asthma and which have been tried and tested for decades now.


This is meant to be an excellent herbal treatment for asthma and a person should mix some with boiled milk and then drink it when they feel the first signs of asthma attack starting. This kind of treatment provides an effective way of relieving any of the symptoms associated with an asthma attack.


Considered to be extremely valuable for treating asthma. It is most effective if you mix a teaspoon of turmeric with a glass of milk and drink it twice a day.

Mustard Oil

This particular herbal cure for treating asthma is not drunk, but rather it is used as a massage oil. The best way to use this is to mix it with some camphor which you then rub of the chest of the sufferer. This particular herb works by easing a person’s breathing as it helps to loosen up the phlegm which has built up in the chest.


What you need to do is make some ginger tea which you could buy in any convenience store or supermarket and then you add some crushed garlic and drink it twice a day. Not only it is effective in helping to relief the symptoms associated with the condition, but also helps to keep them under control.

However what is extremely important to remember when you choose to use any type of herbal cures for asthma is to discuss the matter with your doctor first.

Although the ones above are effective you should never actually stop taking the medications that your doctor or health provider has prescribed without getting their permission first.

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