How Long Does it Take to Heal From Dental Surgery?

When a tooth is lost, it can take some time before it is regrown. How long it takes depends on several factors like the type of tooth, and the amount of tooth loss there is. People lose teeth for all sorts of reasons, from poor oral hygiene to tooth damage due to decay or trauma. For many people, the healing process can be somewhat painful as the tooth is replaced and requires additional care for the rest of their lives. 

Numbing the area around the lost tooth

First, the healing process involves numbing the area around the lost tooth. Most insurance plans cover cosmetic dental surgery costs, but if your insurance company is not willing to cover the cost of the procedure, you may need to pay out-of-pocket. This can be a major cost, especially if it is several hundred dollars or more. Some dentists recommend restorative dental work that includes wearing a brace to keep the area around the lost tooth from swelling. The dentist can also recommend a special mouth guard to help keep the mouth closed while the wound heals.

Restores the jaw and teeth

Second, the healing process restores the ability of the jaw and teeth to fully support the growth of new teeth. While some bones are more naturally elastic than others, missing one tooth can cause your other teeth to shift or begin to weaken. If this happens, the bones will not have the strength to hold on to the adjacent teeth. As teeth grow, they put pressure on the bones and tend to pull them out of alignment. Over time, this can damage nearby teeth and gum tissue.

New bone growth

Third, the healing involves new bone growth. When a tooth is lost, it can take years for the bone to fuse to other parts of the jaw and the underlying bones of the skull. Once the healing process has begun, new bone grows, and the teeth and bone function more effectively. This may mean fewer trips to the dentist. If the lost tooth is fixed properly, the patient rarely needs further treatment to fix their bite. Most people do not need any braces at all.

The fastest way to heal

Fourth, dental implants are often the fastest way to heal. With a dental implant, a piece of gum or bone is permanently affixed into the jaw so that the person cannot move their jaw, which alleviates many problems that come with loosened teeth. In many cases, the patient can return to work and school the same day.

Longer healing times are normal after any dental surgery. However, if a tooth has been severely damaged or extensive damage has occurred, it could take longer than usual to heal. As with any dental surgery, patients should be prepared for the length of the healing process by discussing their oral health needs with their dentist. Knowing how long it takes to heal after dental surgery can help make certain treatment choices. If you want to know more about oral surgery procedures contact in Baton Rouge they can explain the procedure better.