How To Find Addiction And Recover It

Drug addiction has become a common topic these days. Before jumping deep into the ocean about Addiction and recovery in Orange County, it will be better to discuss the base. To start with, substance use disorder, formerly known as drug addiction, does not necessarily have to come from buying expensive substances.

It can arise from the social use of some medicines or alcohol. If we talk about drug addiction, the first thing that hits us is adults. However, according to several reports on addiction, not only adults but kids are now in the grief of this monster.

Moreover, it might be hard for anyone to identify the addiction unless they have some basic understanding of the symptoms. Symptoms may vary from person to person. But there are few symptoms to help people recognize addiction, also some ways to help recover the addiction.

Major and Minor signs of addiction

As mentioned before, it is hard to recognize whether someone has a drug addiction or not. However, every lock has a key, and addiction is no exception. Some key symptoms help people understand what is wrong. For example, warning signs include several physical changes, behavioral changes, psychological changes, etc.

  • Change Of Eye Color

Drugs or alcohol, all kind of substance abuse makes several changes in a person’s appearance. Several body parts get affected due to addiction. However, the one common and mostly affected body part is the eye. Marijuana or heroin abuse can turn eyes into the bloodshot eye; also, an addicted person may have constricted pupil or the condition called mitosis, to be more precise.

  • Imbalanced Sleep Cycle

A lot of people think that insomnia is a sign of addiction. Yes, it is. But if lack of sleep is a sign, too much sleep or hypersomnia is also a sign of addiction. Substance misuse makes several changes in the sleep pattern of the addict.

It is common for drug abusers to not being able to maintain a proper sleep cycle. A normal healthy person needs at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep in a day. However, people under the influence of any substances might sleep at unusual times of the day and stay awake all night. It can be different, and they might sleep most of the time in a few cases.

  • Seeking Isolation

People under the influence of any kind of Substances might keep themselves away from everything and everyone. Not only socially, but they also seem to isolate themselves mentally and emotionally.

The reason why addicts tend to isolate themselves from their partners, family, friends and everyone around us is to hide their addiction. Drug abusers avoid people so that they don’t have to answer the questions.

Other physical signs

There are plenty of signs that you might think is normal, but they are not. Here are a few symptoms of physical changes

  • Weight Loss
  • Lethargic To Everything
  • Several Marks On The Skin
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Insomnia Or Hypersomnia Etc.
  • Palpitation
  • Slurred Speech
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Unable To Do Anything Properly
  • Confusion
  • Unable To Make Decisions
  • Avoiding People

It may be tough for the addict to get the recovery. However, it helps them live a normal life like before. Some people try to recover independently, but it is better to take the person to rehab as soon as possible. To know more about addiction and recovery in Orange County, visit the official website given below.

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