How to Make Thattai Chat – A Popular South Indian Snack


Hello Everyone,

Today I’m here to teach you one of my favourite snack. Have you ever heard of Thattai?? I guess people in most parts of the world would have never heard of it. Anyways don’t worry, to those who are hearing it for the first time let me say what it is, Thattai (tamil) is a popular South Indian snack and it is often prepared during festive occasions like janmashtami and diwali. It is available in sweet shops of India and it forms a nice combo with tea. Now I am going to teach how to make this cracker a little more tastier like an icing on the cake with a dish of my own. It is very easy to prepare and very delicious to eat during the evenings.

First Let’s look at the ingredients required:

Thattai – 100 grams

Carrot – 50 grams

Onion – 100 grams

Tomato – 100 grams

Beetroot – 100 grams

Mint(Pudina) – 50 grams

Coriander leaves – 50 grams

Red chillies – 100 grams

Cheese – 2 slices

How to Prepare:

I’ll go you step by step

1) First, Clean all the vegetables properly

2) Take the Coriander leaves and Mint together and grind it in a Mixer grinder to a paste form. Make sure you add a pinch of salt.

3) Next cut the Tomatoes into small pieces and grind it in a Mixer grinder along with Red chillies to a paste form.

4) I prefer both the pastes to be prepared at home rather than being bought from stores because they won’t be fresh and won’t add much taste to the dish.After preparing the two mixture pastes, next grate the carrot and beetroot to a very minute form.

5) Then cut the onion to small pieces and mix the onion with the grated carrot and beetroot in a small container

6) Now take two pieces of Thattai, keep one as a base (bottom) and apply the Coriander mint paste on it (If you need the dish to be sour, apply more Coriander mint paste).

7) Then keep the onion,carrot & beetroot mixture on the top of this base

8) Then apply the Tomato red chilly paste (If you need the dish to be very spicy,apply more Tomato red chilly paste) on the other Thattai and place it on the top of the veggie mixture.

9) That’s it.Yummy Cracker snacker is now ready. Present the recipe with grated cheese Toppings.

Try this. I bet You’ll never stop eating!!.

Thank You

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