Reiki Burning Bowl Ceremony


Are you going through a tough time? Perhaps nothings seems to be going right? Can you pin point things that are going on in your life that no longer serve you? We all get tangled up in life from time to time. Through a process called the “burning bowl ceremony” you can unload the burdens that have been keeping you from going where you want to be.

The burning bowl ceremony can involve using reiki to release old habits and make room for new beginnings. Reiki `guides’ participate by whispering in your ear inviting you to grow and offer their help in this process. The reiki burning bowl ceremony is a fire ceremony designed to help us become clear of our intentions and help us to listen to ourselves and guides, and bring in the new intentions to help us accomplish our goals.

The burning bowl ceremony is used in many traditions. The idea is to write down a negative condition that you would like to see, released from your life. Keep this part short and to the point, you don’t want to ramble on. The paper is then burned in the bowl. Next a second paper is burned with your new intentions for your life.

Your ceremony can be held indoors or outside, thinking safety at all times. If you don’t have an open fire pit, just set a candle in a fireproof bowl with sand around it to keep it upright. Light the candle. Prepare just as you would if you were giving a healing session. Use symbols, if you have them, and set your intention. Say your invocation to invite your guides to the ceremony. Take time to be still and connect to your heart and write down on the paper that which you would like to release. Then burn the paper watching as it turns into ashes and sends smoke upward. Now do the same with your new intentions. Close the ceremony just as you would close a session with a client. Thank your guides and say a prayer, using the power symbol. Clear your bowl of unwanted energy, and remember to take care of your bowl as it is an important healing tool.

The burning bowl ceremony can be done as often as needed. The beginning of each season is a good time to renew this ritual. Know that the Universe hears you clearly and answers. Regularly give attention to your dreams; create and manifest your life with joy.

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