The Use of Acupuncture for the Management of an Ingrown Toe Nail (Circumstance Study)


Presenting grievance

A 25 12 months aged white Caucasian woman attended my clinic complaining of remaining dorsal hallux ache. She had been to the local night time club in Stevenage a handful of evenings previously and a rather massive person unintentionally stood on her remaining foot although dancing. She was unable to proceed with the dancing and was taken household by taxi.

She did attend the neighborhood healthcare facility on an outpatient foundation and it was imagined that an x-ray would not be necessary.

Medical Background

The client is in excellent common wellbeing with no pointed out medicine apart from the use of NSAID’s for the hallux agony. The VAS discomfort was noted as a ‘7’, through the day.


On palpation acute tenderness was mentioned alongside the margins of the dorsal phalanges, with some gentle tissue inflammation and bruising along the joint. Mild hyper-granulation tissue all-around the medial nail margin was also observed. The nail was plainly in-developed on inspection.

The affected person had a moderately great range of dorsiflexion and plantarflexion of the hallux.


Gentle medial left 1 onychocryptosis was identified with acute gentle tissue swelling together the dorsal phalanges.


The strategy of remedy was to be conservative elimination of the offending nail piece by wedge resection. Dry acupuncture needling was proposed to the client for agony aid and to lower the comfortable tissue swelling.

Cure process

Rx 1

Acupuncture for 30 minutes LI4 Li1 Li2 Ki1 SP1 SP2 and 4 needles inserted close to the outdoors of the bruising. The needles had been stimulated manually each individual 5 minutes.

The offending nail piece was taken out by conservative wedge resection and the toe was dressed with a sterile pad and tubigauze.

The affected person described experience no soreness throughout the podiatry remedy with no adverse reactions.

She was instructed to soak the foot in salt h2o everyday, soon after the removing of the dressing and to elevate the foot as a lot as feasible. Also she was recommended to use an ice pack on the comfortable tissue swelling for 5 minutes everyday.

Overview 1 Week

In the course of the 7 days I acquired a cellphone phone from the affected individual to cancel the appointment. She said that the toe was significantly better and the gentle tissue inflammation had tremendously reduced. The VAS was mentioned as a ‘3’.


The acupuncture needling enabled pain-free removing of the offending nail and assisted to tremendously decrease the delicate tissue swelling.

Local and distal factors selected for their therapeutic results

LI4 – Crucial analgesic point

Li1 – Arrests bleeding

Li2 – Soreness and swelling

Ki1 – Soreness and inflammation

SP1 – Arrests bleeding

SP2 – Pain and inflammation

Encompass the dragon – Suffering and inflammation

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